Frequently Asked Questions

Just like the PCR-test, a swab is taken out of your throat and nose. The Corona rapid antigen test shows within 30 minutes whether the swab contains antigens from the Coronavirus. Antigens are proteins of the virus where our immune system can give a reaction to. When you get a positive result you’re carrying the Coronavirus and you’re contagious.  If the test is negative you’re probably not contagious. But very small amounts of the virus can be missed, so we cannot rule this out.

Yes, the rapid antigen test is for 99,68% reliable. This counts for the CE marked rapid antigen tests that are approved by the RIVM. You are probably not contagious when you have a negative test result but it is never 100% certain.

The test isn’t painful, however a lot of people experience it as unpleasant.

Yes, the Corona rapid test is really free. The government has made a subsidy available to health and safety services for offering the Corona rapid test to employees with complaints or an alert from the CoronaApp. All costs are reimbursed.

The voucher code you receive for testing your employees with symptoms or an alert can be used as long as the regulation of the ministery of VWS continues. The voucher code for preventive testing is valid for three months.

In some cases yes, that is why you will receive an international travel certificate from us. However, a PCR-test is often required. Carefully check the requirements set by the country in question, before you travel.

You will receive you result by email via a secured server. The test result comes with a certificate in English. It’s your own responsibility to check if the rapid test is valid to travel with.

  • Sensitivity: 96.52%
  • Specificity: 99,68%

SARS-CoV-2 falls under the notification obligation for infectious diseases according to the Dutch Public Health Act (Wpg). We are obliged to report positive test results to your local GGD and may not do this anonymously. After notification, the GGD will contact you for a source and contact investigation. The infectious disease control doctor at the GGD assesses the risk of infection and whether measures are necessary such as: isolation and quarantine. Always follow the guidelines of the RIVM.

Yes, we test people from all ages. Will you be bringing a child that’s younger than 12 months, please call or send us an e-mail beforehand, so that one of our doctors will be notified and will take extra good care of your child.

This depends on the test that you have taken.

  1. PCR-test: name, date of birth, sex, document number, the way the test was taken, date and time of the test, date of the result, test result, type of test, laboratory information, name and signature of medical director.
  2. Rapid antigen test: name, date of birth, sex, document number, date and time of test, test result, type of test, name and signature of our medical director.

No, please stick to the guidelines of the RIVM at all times.

Traces of the virus will be traceable in the throat and/or nose, weeks after contamination. You will therefore not be able to travel. You don’t have to worry about contaminating anyone anymore.


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